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Farma of Rhodes Celebrities: Meet Zacharias the donkey!

Visiting Farma of Rhodes can be a unique experience; however, there are some highlights. And meeting one of our special furry friends is definitely one of them! Zacharias is highly social, loves his peers, and is super protective of his friends. Zacharias will keep you company and help you have the time of your life. He could be your best friend, except for one fact: he is a donkey!

Zacharias is a male donkey about eight years old. He was born and raised in the Farma of Rhodes -and as one of the most senior residents of the farm, he gets the respect he deserves. He is the leader of the donkey herd, and he sure knows how to boss around the other donkeys! His sister Pelegrina is also a resident of the farm and one of the loveliest animals we have ever met!

Besides his authority, Zacharias is super friendly and calm. He loves head and belly scratches and would enjoy some fresh vegetables as a treat! He always welcomes visitors with a donkey smile and is usually available for a selfie -probably the cutest one you ever took! On his “free” times, Zacharias would either tease the other donkeys or sleep, and we totally get him. A good rest is always necessary after a super busy day at the farm!

Some cute facts about Farma of Rhodes’ donkeys

Donkeys are domesticated animals and closely related to horses. They belong to the “Equdiae” species and are considered the second-highest, hardy animal. Their ancestors were the wild donkeys of Africa and Asia and, although their size varies between breeds, they have more in common with zebras than horses. They can live up to 50 years and are excellent hikers in rugged terrain.

Most donkeys have an extremely loud whinny that can be heard up to three kilometers away -and one visit to Farma of Rhodes will definitely prove it to you.

When living in the wild, donkeys often form a hierarchy within the herd, with a dominant individual and several submissive individuals. This hierarchy is based on their individual personalities and can change over time as their relationships develop.

When domesticated, donkeys can become very attached to their caretakers and may even follow them around like a dog. They are also known to bond with other animals, such as horses, and may form strong friendships with them.

In general, donkeys are considered to be affectionate and gentle animals, and they can make great furry friends. So, if you love and admire those gentle and majestic species, a visit to Farma of Rhodes and some interaction with the donkeys will surely become one of the best experiences of your life!

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