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Mara of Patagonia

and her Family

Type of Food: Vegetables

You can feed this animal with vegetables


This animal loves petting. You can have some fun and come closer without any danger!

Meet ``Maria``, the Mara of Patagonia, and her Family!

Meet Maria and the others Maras! Our Farma is their home, and they are very happy to live here and play all the time.

They are lovely and love it when people visit them!

Take a Selfie with the Maras

Play and Feed the Mara of Patagonia

More about

Mara of Patagonia belongs to the rodent family. Its official scientific name is “Dolichotis patagonum” and it comes from Argentina. Mara lives mostly in arid pastures and deserts with shrubs and is a vegetarian, eating only green and shrubs.

You will find them living in couples and usually in groups of 1 to 29 couples together. Their population in nature is unknown but we know that is declining through the years, according to the IUCN Status, Mara of Patagonia is Almost Endangered. The main threats for them, are coming from humans, is the destruction of their habitat and the hunting of their skin. They also have competition in food with imported herbivores such as sheep and the European hare.

Mara of Patagonia lives for about 14 years under human care, it can grow up to 60 to 80 cm and weight from 7 to 9 kg. When it comes to pregnancy, it lasts 100 days and it can give birth to 2 small babies.

Maras are monogamous, unlike to other rodents. The bond of the couple is job of the male Mara who follows the female everywhere and marks her like he would mark his area.

Origin: Patagonian Mara comes from Argentina.
Characteristics: Are rodents, look like hare and can reach speeds up to 29 km/h

Diet: Are herbivores and eat only green and shrubs

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