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Meet little Duncan, the donkey named with love

In the realm of heartwarming tales, some stories manage to touch our souls in ways that are both unique and inspiring. The story of a little donkey named Duncan is one such narrative, a touching tribute that weaves together love, loss, and the enduring bond between humans and animals.

A sign of hope

In the heart of the Farma of Rhodes, amidst the ominous backdrop of the raging wildfires of 2023 (luckily, our farm was not affected), a tiny beacon of hope emerged when a baby donkey was born. Although he came to life during a difficult time, this little donkey brought a glimmer of light to our whole family. And as its story unfolded, it became a symbol of resilience, connection, and the power of love.

The birth announcement echoed across our social media, a joyful proclamation that life still flourished despite adversity. And then, a heartwarming response emerged from an unexpected source. Ellie, a friend of Farma of Rhodes whose own life was touched by a recent tragedy, reached out with a request she playfully acknowledged as “strange.” It was a request that held profound emotional significance and spoke volumes about the extraordinary woman her mother, Frankie, was.

The Story of Frankie

Frankie was not just an ordinary person; she was an artist with a legacy that continues to light up the world. Her creativity knew no bounds after leaving her mark through beloved works like The Smurfs, My Little Pony, The Snowman, and even iconic collaborations with Pink Floyd on projects like The Wall. Frankie’s artistic talent was not limited to a single medium, as her contributions ranged from animations that ignited our imaginations to illustrations that graced our lives.

However, it was not only her artistic prowess that defined her. She was a kind soul with an immense love for animals, a trait that many cherished about her. A particular quirk of hers was to name the donkeys she encountered in Greece “Duncan” or “Duncanina,” depending on their gender. These encounters proved her affection for these gentle creatures and her unique way of leaving a mark wherever she went.

Tragedy struck as Frankie, some time ago, left this world, leaving behind cherished memories and a huge void in the hearts and lives of all the people who knew and loved her. Amid grief, Ellie had a beautiful idea – a way to keep her mother’s legacy alive. She reached out to us, asking whether our newborn donkey could be named after Frankie as a tribute to her life and the love she held for all living creatures.

A woman, a donkey, and a bond of love

And so, little Duncan came into being, a furry embodiment of Frankie’s spirit and a living testament to the bond between a mother and her daughter.

Duncan, the donkey, now carries the name of a woman who touched countless lives, human and animal alike. A name infused with love and memories and that will resonate not only through our farm but also through the hearts of all people who knew and loved Frankie.

So, here’s to Frankie, an artist, an animal lover, and a cherished soul who lives on in every stroke of her art and in the playful spirit of little Duncan. As he grows, plays, and roams the farm, Duncan ensures that Frankie’s legacy remains alive, creating a bridge between the past and the present and reminding us that love knows no boundaries – not even between a woman and a donkey named Duncan.

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