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Guidelines and Etiquette when visiting Farma of Rhodes

When visiting Farma of Rhodes, you must understand and accept the following rules of conduct. The company has no responsibility for any damage or harm resulting from inappropriate, illegal or prohibited behaviour of the visitor.

  1. Underage children must be supervised by their guardians at all times while on the premises of the business. Children are not allowed on any part of the premises of the business without supervision.
  2. Pets of any kind are not allowed on the premises.
  3. It is prohibited to enter the premises carrying food of any kind, whether intended for human or animal consumption.
  4. It is prohibited to feed animals any type of food or object that is not approved and edible for that type of animal. The approved food that you may give to animals during your visit is exclusively the type of food sold at the entrance of the establishment depending on the animal, as indicated on the signs.
  5. Bear in mind that some animals consume a specific type of food and therefore the food provided by the establishment does not apply to those animals. There are signs indicating which animals can and cannot be fed by you.
  6. Do not interact, approach, touch or pet animals that you are not allowed to.
  7. When visiting the premises you must follow the instructions of the staff, and read and follow any additional instructions on signs within the premises.
  8. For some animals such as Lemurs, petting and interaction is under the close supervision of staff. Do not pet or feed such animals unless you have permission from staff.
  9. In the areas near the animals, yelling and running is prohibited. You are also prohibited from treating animals with inappropriate or dangerous behavior, such as pushing, picking them up, hitting them, or doing any action that makes them nervous, such as forcing them to do something they don’t want to do. Staying on the premises requires that you show unlimited respect and understanding to the animals.
  10. You must be particularly careful when visiting the premises and especially when staying in areas with animals. Behaving in a manner that is not permitted may result in harm or personal injury.The Company cannot be held liable against any incident (injury, loss or damage) that it is not result of its actions.
  11. You are prohibited from interfering with, tampering with or altering the equipment and facilities if they are not intended for use by guests. By way of example, you are prohibited from tampering with fencing, animal feeding equipment and facilities related to animal and human safety.
  12. The company cannot be held liable for any of your own actions, negligence or misbehavior including actions that were against the present rules and terms or the law.
  13. The business has the right to seek damages and generally exercise any rights under the law or these terms and conditions if you breach any of the following terms.
In the event that you do not respect the rules described in these conditions or that your behaviour is generally dangerous for the animals, yourselves or third parties, the staff has the right to ask for your immediate departure from the premises of the establishment without any refund.

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