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Paschalis Kouloumoglou

Paralympic Powerlifting Proudly Sponsored by: Farma of Rhodes

The Early Years

Paschalis Kouloumoglou was born in 1994 in Rhodes and lived in Paradisi until 2000. His journey into the world of sports began at a very young age as himself and his siblings were involved in swimming and other physical activities.

In 2000 his family moved to Thessaloniki, where Paschalis discovered his passion for football and acquired a closer relationship with sports.

In 2007 he becomes familiar with sports for people with disabilities and weightlifting for the first time. The same year he meets coach Dimitris Ioannidis (that remains his coach to this day) who opens an exciting life chapter and a great sports career for Paschalis.

Performance and Awards

From the ages of 17 to 20, Paschalis was part of the National Youth Team, leaving a mark with World and European records.


In 2013, he achieved the Youth World Record in the  -54 kg category (with a lift of 148 kg). During the same period, he secured the Pan-European Record in the  -59 kg category (with a lift of 143 kg).


In 2015, in the men's category, he won the silver medal at the European Championships.


In 2016, at the Rio Paralympic Games, he finished in 5th place after a serious injury.


In 2017, at the World Championships in Mexico, he claimed the 6th place.


In 2018, he stood at the 1st position of the European Championships.


In 2019, a second injury kept Paschalis out of weight lifting for 6 months.


In 2020, at the Manchester World Cup, he secured the 2nd position.


In 2021, at the Tokyo Paralympic Games, he claimed the 7th place.


In 2022, he climbed back to the top, winning the 1st position at the European Championships.


In 2023, at the World Championships in Dubai, he achieved the 4th position, narrowly missing the bronze medal by just 1 kg but setting a new Greek record (with a lift of 188 kg). During the same year, he claimed the 1st position at the World Cup in Thailand, with an impressive lift of 183 kg.

Proud Sponsor

Paschalis Kouloumoglou has not merely won medals. He has gained people’s hearts with his patience, perseverance and personal example that all obstacles can be surpassed.

Despite the challenges he has faced while living in a country where sports are undervalued, Paschalis’ vision remains unchanged: to win an Olympic medal, regardless of its color.

Farma of Rhodes, as a major sponsor of the athlete, supports all of his efforts, providing him with motivation to continue his brilliant course. We feel particularly happy for every distinction he achieves, and we continue to watch with pride the path he is forging towards the top!

Do you want to support the Greek Paralympic Athlete?

Contact Number: +30 6946960394

Official Instagram Account: @paschaliskouloumoglou

Official Facebook Page: Paschalis Kouloumoglou – Πασχάλης Κουλούμογλου

Email: [email protected]

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