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More things to do in Rhodes in 2022

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There are way more things to do in Rhodes! Discover all of them!

Valley of Butterflies

Combine your visit to our Farma with a visit at Valley of Butterflies.

1.5 km from the Farma

10 km from Diagoras Airport

About the valley

In the region of “Ano Kalamona” you will find the picturesque “Valley of Butterflies” with its singular beauty. This amazing site draws hundreds of tourists every summer and it is just 10 kilometers distance from “Diagoras Airport”.

The part of the valley that draws the most interest is 1000 meters in length. It begins at the “Museum of Natural History of Rhodes” to St’ Mary’ s Monastery of Kalopetra which was built in 1879 by Alexander Epsilantis.

The Panaxia Quadripunctaria

The valley is the resting place for thousands of the rare genus “Panaxia quadripunctaria” butterfly which can be seen on the trunks of trees and even on the rocks from June to September. This area is ideal for the butterflies owing to the fact that many different species of trees can be found there, such as pine trees, plane trees and bulrush trees.

The freely flowing waters that you will find, when visiting the “Valley of Butterflies” are the best resemblance of Paradise. The serene atmosphere and the peace of the valley are vital for the survival of these butterflies because it offers them a place to conserve energy before embarking on the next stop of their migration.

The paths that run through the valley along with its waterfalls, brooks, ponds and wooden bridges are the perfect setting for a relaxing stroll on a summer’ s day and something one should not pass up, when visiting Rhodes.

Destination from the Farma

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