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Ostrich of Australia

Type of Food: Corn

You can feed this animal with corn


This animal loves petting. You can have some fun and come closer without any danger!

Meet ``Emu``, the Ostrich of Australia

Emu is Australia’s largest native bird and the second largest bird in the world in height after the ostriches. It has brown soft feathers and can grow up to 2 meters, but it can’t fly. Emus can travel long distances and reach speeds up to 50 km/h if it’s necessary.

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Emus eat greens and bugs, and they survive for weeks without food. They shallow stones, glass fragments and pieces of metal to grind and digest the food. They don’t drink much water frequently but the take huge amounts of it when they have the opportunity.

Emus can sit on the water and have the ability to swim. They use their strong legs to defend, they have great vision, and their plumage differs from area to area and helps them to camouflage against the predators.

It’s a little hard to distinguish the male from the female optically, but you can from the loud sounds that make. Emus reproduce in May and June and you will see females fighting for a male, female Emus can give birth several times at a time. They gain weight before the breeding season, and the eggs are incubated by the male, who has significant weight loss during this period, as he does not eat.

It takes about 8 weeks for the eggs to hatch and the males takes care of the newborns. Newborn emus can reach 12 cm in height and 0.5 kg in weight, they reach their foul size in about 6 months and can live with their family for another half year.

Origin: Emus come from Australia

Characteristics: They are the second largest bird in the world and the biggest of Australia, they can’t fly but they can run very fast and have great vision

Diet: They eat greens and bugs

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