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Get your children a ride!

Type of Food: Vegetables or Carob

You can feed this animal with vegetables or carob


This animal loves petting. You can have some fun and come closer without any danger!

Meet Ippolyti our beautiful pony

Just like the Amazonian Ippolyti who was the queen of the Amazonians, our little sweet pony is the queen of our Farma.

She loves when visitors feed her and caresses her mane.

Play and Interact with the Ponies

More about

Ponies are small horses, with shorter legs, thicker manes and thicker neck. They also have a shorter head, small ears and large eyes. They are intelligent and friendly animals but there are also some exceptions where they can be stubborn and cunning.

They are mostly trained as mounts for children. Larger ponies can also be ridden by adults because they are stronger, for their size. Some breeds are also used for chariots and in some countries they use them as working animals.

It is also worth mentioning that in proportion to their size, ponnies can carry more weight than horses.

Origin: Ponies come from Scotland

Characteristics: Are small horses with shorter legs. They are very intelligent and friendly animals with some exceptions.

Diet: Are herbivores and have a diet similar to a goat’s

Get Close to the Animals

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