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Interact and play with baby ostriches

Interaction Zone

You can pet this animal as it is located in the interaction zone. Our trained staff will help you to have the best experience possible.

Type of Food: Corn

You can feed this animal with corn


This animal loves petting. You can have some fun and come closer without any danger!

Meet ``Kevin``, the Farma' s mascot!

Kevin is a dominant male ostrich and he was born in 2014. When he was 18 months old he had already passed his father in height.

At this time, he is the biggest and strongest ostrich in Farma of Rhodes. Kevin is very a friendly ostrich when he is approached with food in a calm and respective way.

He is very smart compared to his fellow ostriches. When given corn he will carefully take it from your hand and he also knows many tricks to show with his food.

Play with the Ostriches in the Interaction Zone

Play and interact with the ostriches

More about

The ostrich is the biggest bird on earth, a species which has survived for 60 million years. It is found in Africa. The male ostrich has black and white feathers whereas the females plumage is brown and gray.

They are very sociable birds and they live in groups. The male ostrich is known to be jealous, delimits its living space and intolerant to any other males intruding into it.

The ostrich birds live for about 70 years and are able to reproduce for 25-30 years.

The female ostrich lays 50-100 eggs per year and each egg is 15-20 cm long and weights 1-1.5 kg. The ostrich egg is the biggest in earth although in relation to its body it is the smallest in regarding other bird species. Egg hatching last 42 days.

The chicks on their first days are smaller than chickens, they grow up 25 cm per month and they need 12 months to reach full growth which is about 2.8 m. Until adulthood they change 3 times plumage: From birth until 4 months they have black and brown feathers, from 4 until 12 month they have brown and grey feathers and after 12 months their colors separate depending the sex.

Ostriches are very sensitive until the age of 6 months. After that, they are considered to be the toughest bird. They rarely die from pathological illnesses. The only thing ostrich is sensitive is claustrophobia.

Farma of Rhodes started in 2000 with 15 ostriches which were brought from a farm from Cyprus. Since then our average production is at 50 birds per year. Now we focus on bringing the visitor closer to the ostriches and help them learn more about them.

Get Close to the Animals

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