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Mouflon Sheep

A unique chance to meet this rare species.

Type of Food: Vegetables, Carob or Corn

You can feed this animal with vegetables, carob or corn


This animal loves petting. You can have some fun and come closer without any danger!

Meet the Mouflon Sheep

The mouflon is a subspecies group of the wild sheep, and is considered one of the two ancestors of the domesticated sheep.

They have short haired coat with mostly red or brown color, dark-back stripes and light colored saddle patches.

The males are horned while the females are not. But in some occasions horned females can also exist. The males weight about 50 kg while the females about 35 kg.

Mouflons are native to Southwest Asia and were later appeared to the islands of Crete, Rhodes and Cyprus during the Neolithic age as domesticated animals. Even later they were successfully introduced into continental Europe.

When living in the wild, their habitats are the mountainous woods and in the winter they migrate in lower altitudes.

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