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Top 5 local delicacies of Rhodes you MUST try!

In Greek Cuisine, the authenticity and freshness of the ingredients are kings. Greeks put their own enthusiasm and ‘Meraki’ on their food, creating delicious traditional recipes. The local cuisine of Rhodes has taken influences from many areas of the world, such as Asian Minor and Italy, combining the best parts of the East and West and creating delicious combinations of flavors. Let’s dive right in and explore 5 of these amazing dishes Rhodes has to offer!


This dish has a special place in the heart of every local. Made with flour, chickpeas, onions, tomatoes, and finely chopped peppermint, fried in hot oil, this delicious appetizer will make you go crazy!


Eating snails is not just for the French! Karavoloi are snails cooked in tomato sauce with onions and cumin or oatmeal). Locals prepare snails using fresh ingredients from the island. Enjoy!


This is a dish locals absolutely love! Amarangoi is boiled with vinegar daisy’s shoots served with skordalia (puree made with crushed garlic and potatoes/bread).


Kamilakia is a mouth-watering dish that will take you on a fantastic journey of flavors! Kamilakia is prepared using blanched cyclamen leaves stuffed with rice with traditional avgolemono (egg and lemon juice mixture) poured on top!


This traditional sweet has great cultural significance in Rhodes. Melekouni originates from Ancient Greece and was one of the first energy snacks! In modern times it is served at special events such as weddings and birthdays. Made with sesame and honey, Melekouni will give you energy for the whole day!

Rhodes is ready for you to let you explore the depths of its delicious cuisine. What are you waiting for? Visit Rhodes right now and try these dishes yourself! Don’t forget to wash it all down with some local wines and the traditional drink of Rhodes Souma!

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