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farma's revival

History of Farma’s revival

In 2021 a strong fire broke out in the beautiful island of Rhodes, which caused great destruction in various areas. An area that was heavily damaged was the Farma of Rhodes, where the owners, employees and animals experienced very difficult conditions.

This year was very difficult for everyone! It all started on August 1st, 2021, when a wildfire broke out in the woods in an area next to our Farma.


Unfortunately, on August 3rd, 2021, some of our animals did not make it, due to the fumes and the wounds from the fire. But we succeeded in saving most of our animals thanks to your help! On August 4th, 2021, friends from all over the world started fundraising campaigns to help us rebuild the Farma and keep our animals safe. We kept working hard to help our animals recover from their wounds and restore their home within 15 days.

During the fire we lost 22 animals. We will never forget our little friends. Your fundraising campaigns brought us €18,000, an amount of money that helped us to recover from the disaster and keep our animals safe and healthy.Your strength and love made us stand on our feet and to move forward by upgrading our own place for more friends!



In this difficult year, we decided to raise our family with new animals. The “Emu” is the largest native bird in the world in height after the ostriches. It has brown soft feathers and can grow up to 2 meters, but it can’t fly. The “Common Rhea” is the largest of all South American birds and is related to the ostriches of Africa and the emus and cassowaries of Australia and New Guinea. The males are the ones who hatch the eggs and take care of the younger ones.

Our sheeps, which are domestic animals, are the most common members of the cattle family. They are ruminant, originate from the wild sheep mouflon of the southwestern Asia. Of course, we have “Maria” with her family, the other Mara of Patagonia.They resemble a jackrabbit. They have distinctive long ears and long limbs. The forefeet has four digits, while the hind feet have three digits. Their tail is short and hairless. We now have 15 species of animals to interact with!

After this sad loss of our friends, we decided to have only vegan and vegetarian options at our restaurant. Our dishes are cooked with all fresh ingredients from the garden of Farma of Rhodes. Nevertheless, this decision did not limit us to the menu. On the contrary, it made us more creative! In the restaurant, there are options such as pita with mushroom gyro, ostrich omelette, chickpea burger and many more that are worth trying.

We feel happy when we see the kids loving the animals so much. That’s why we created a free mobile app for kids. In this app, kids can hear all the voices of the Farma Animals. In
that way, our little friends can cherish all the great moments they had had in the Farma of Rhodes.

In addition, the Farma of Rhodes pioneered and launched its first collection and offers you collectible NFTs with free gifts and a chance for a lifetime free access to the Farma. You can now find the Farma of Rhodes’ official NFTs! More specifically, the Kevin Ostrich club NFT Collection! Our NFTs are not just collectibles! With every Farma NFT, you will win something!

The Farma of Rhodes is now at the top 8 attractions in ”things you can do in Rhodes”. The last 2 years, there were 93.473 visitors from 26 different countries. It has won a lot of awards from Tripadvisor and the tourism awards. This year, however, it was awarded with the traveller’s choice award.

Learn more about how Farma of Rhodes was Risen from the Ashes!

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