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5 Local Herbs you must buy!

Rhodes has a wide variety of local flora. Its geography and climate allow a wide variety of local herbs to grow, and the people of Rhodes have learned, through the centuries to use and cultivate them. The ancient Greek doctors used fresh Greek herbs to cure their patients and believed in their medicinal properties. Below are some of the most common local herbs of Rhodes.



Marjoram is grown and harvested during the summer months. It is used both in cooking and medicine and is considered to have many health benefits. It is said it can cure sore throat, insomnia, stress, colds and can cure digestive issues.

Scorpion grass

The plant Asplenium ceterach Scorpio Scorpion grass is widespread throughout Greece, it grows at an altitude of up to 2000 meters. It has a bitter taste, and it is usually combined with other sweeter herbs. It has a lot of healing properties, and it is used to heal urinary and kidney problems.


Oregano is a famous spice used in cuisines all around the world. Also, traditionally, people make oregano decoction and drink the drink to soothe various health problems, as it has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer abilities.


Capers is a plant grown in the countries around the Mediterranean and the Middle East. It is a native thorny shrub with small shoots, which thrives mainly on rocky and arid soils. It is used both in cooking for its spicy taste and medicine and it is a great source of minerals, vitamins, and various antioxidants.


Sage is grown in mainly countries around the Mediterranean Sea. It has a strong taste and smell, and it is famous for its health benefits. The herbs are collected during May or June and dried in the shade. It is used in the making of perfumes and cooking. It has many health benefits, including the treatment of diseases such as pharyngitis, gingivitis, and cold sores. It also stimulates the nervous system, increases memory, and activates blood circulation.

If you are fascinated by these herbs and the health benefits they provide, you can visit our shop in the Farma of Rhodes and buy some of these herbs and other local traditional products!



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