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Kevin Ostrich Club NFT Collection

Farma of Rhodes official NFTs!


Our NFTs are not just collectibles!
Win with every minting!


Entrance Ticket Trait

Lifetime free entrance to the Farma of Rhodes for the NFT holder. Transferable utility.


Corn Trait

Five free animal food cups for the NFT holder every time he/she visits Farma of Rhodes. Transferable utility.

🎩 or 🧢

Hat or Cap Trait

You win either a free cup, bag or t-shirt with your NFT printed on it. One-time utility.


Trees Background

For every NFT minted with trees background we plant a tree to the burned nearby area. One-time utility.


Pirate Eye Trait

If you get an ostrich with a pirate eye you win a real ostrich egg. One-time utility.

Read before you mint

  • Launching Minting Price = 100 MATIC
  • You need a wallet compatible with (i.e. Metamask) connected to Polygon Network.
  • Max NFTs per wallet = 10
  • Max NFTs per mint = 5


Farma of Rhodes launches its fist collection. Collectible NFT + plus free gifts + a chance for a lifetime free access.

Second collection with Free Lifetime Access NFTs for the NFT holders. Owners of the first collection can be white listed for the second collection + free airdrops.

Third collection for fundraising to preserve the Rhode’s wildlife and flora. Focus to replantation of burned areas.


NFT project designed and developed by Dingo Phygital Agency

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