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Farma of Rhodes Celebrities: Meet Babis the Lemur!

He is cute. He is funny. He loves eating and making a fuss. There is no doubt that he is one of our favorites, an actual celebrity among the residents of Farma of Rhodes. He is Babis, the lemur, and we are totally obsessed!

Babis is a male lemur and a member of quite a big family; he has 5 kids and a brother. As a true representative of his species, he loves to sit under the sun and enjoy a good warm day on the farm. He is playful and a bit elfish; you can always find him playing with his kids and teasing them in all ways possible! Additionally, Babis loves to eat and would never say no to a delicious, juicy fruit!

One of his most adorable traits is his friendly character.

Babis is, in fact, one of the most social animals living in the Farma of Rhodes. He loves interacting with the visitors and would like to be fed or pet -but always on his own terms!

Besides his “Lemurian” temper, Babis is a romantic soul. He loves watching the sunset from the top of a tower that is located in his residential area within the farm. After watching the sun diving into the horizon, it’s Babis’ bedtime. So, he would get a good rest and prepare for another busy day in Farma of Rhodes.

5 things you should know about lemurs living in Farma of Rhodes

  1. The species took its name after the Latin word lemur, meaning “spirits of the night,” because of their “strange” behavior, especially at night.
  2. They are very cute and charismatic. They belong to a primate species known as “Prosimians.” Although they are not closely related to chimpanzees and other apes, they still belong to the same family. Most lemurs live in Madagascar; however, they are exposed to many dangers.
  3. The height and weight of lemurs could range from 30 grams to 6.8 kilos and from 2.5 inches to 2.5 feet, respectively. They are brilliant creatures. One thing made clear by the residents of Farma of Rhodes is that the smarter a lemur is, the more popular they become!
  4. In Farma of Rhodes you will find 7 wonderful ring-tailed Lemurs. You can identify them by the characteristic black rings that form on its tail. In spite of the fact that most lemur species spend most of their lives perched high on trees, ring-tailed lemurs spend most of their time on the ground.
  5. These animals mature at two years and live for about 18 years. Sadly, many of the babies don’t survive that long. When visiting Farma of Rhodes, ensure you are gentle with them, as they get easily irritated!

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