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The 5 best things to do in Rhodes for 2023

Undoubtedly, Rhodes is one of the most cosmopolitan Greek islands. Not only its large size but also its long history, amazing natural landscape, and excellent tourism exploitation, make it one of the top destinations worth visiting. If you are wondering what you can do while you are on the island, the following list of the best things to do in Rhodes in 2023 will surely come in handy!

The old town of Rhodes

The medieval town of Rhodes is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Town as well as one of the best-preserved medieval towns in the world. The old city is surrounded by massive walls and it preserves a quite unique and beautiful character.

In the 14th century, the Order Knights of St. John of Jerusalem occupied the city, which is when the construction of the medieval town started. The old town of Rhodes has historically divided into three zones: The administrative district around the palace of the Grand Master, Kollakio the Street of the Knights, and the Village.

Strolling around the paved paths of the city, visitors can find numerous shops, taverns, clubs, and cafes, as well as multiple buildings with architectural and historical interest.

Palace of the Grand Master

The Palace of the Grand Master is a magnificent 14th-century building located in the Old City of Rhodes. Exploring the palace, with its beautiful art, architecture, marble, sculptures, and mosaics, gives visitors a glimpse into the past and what life was like long ago. This is a must-see spot in the Old City for those who love palaces and is one of the best things to do in Rhodes.

Farma of Rhodes

If you love animals and wish to come close to them, then Farma of Rhodes is the ideal place for you! This famous attraction offers its visitors a unique opportunity to watch from close and interact with many animal species. In an area of 25.000 square meters, ostriches, as well as lemurs, llamas, kangaroos, ponies, deer, camels, donkeys, wild boars, dwarf goats, sheep, hares and many more, inhabit and are willing to interact with younger and older visitors.

At this one-of-a-kind attraction in Rhodes, visitors can get up close to many animals. So, if you enjoy being around animals, in Farma of Rhodes you can play, feed or take a selfie with your beloved furry friend.

Visitors can also stroll around the Farm’s Herb Garden to view and admire a variety of herbs. Before ending your visit, make sure to stop by the Farm’s restaurant. Taste the special dishes, exclusively made by material cultivated and produced in the Farm. If you like tea, you can also taste their special homegrown tea, made according to an old family recipe.

Valley of Butterflies

Every year, Rhodes offers a breathtaking sight from June to September, when millions of colorful Panaxia butterflies, known as the species “Panaxia quadripunctaria”, can be seen on tree trunks feeding on the juices of the Zitia tree and laying their eggs. Hence, the valley was named after them and offers a unique chance to witness this phenomenon. However, it is important to be mindful when visiting and avoid stepping on the delicate butterflies, as they are sensitive and need to be preserved.

The Valley of Butterflies is a lovely and tranquil environment, boasting stunning natural beauty with bridges blending into the scenery, walkways, ponds, small waterfalls, and a peaceful atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy the sounds of chirping cicadas and the gentle whispers of water. When visiting, it is important to be cautious and not make loud noises, as this can disturb the butterflies and cause them to waste energy flying away, potentially leading to their death.


A trip to Rhodes is not complete without visiting Lindos, where you can find a 3rd-century BC acropolis and the charming town filled with sugar-cubed houses and narrow alleyways that are beloved by all who pass through. When you climb up to the temple in Lindos, located 116 meters above sea level, you will be following the same path as the ancient builders of the acropolis and the knights who used it as a place of worship and defense. From the temple, you will have an unforgettable view of the Aegean Sea and St. Paul’s Bay that is exactly what would have inspired the ancients. As an insider tip, stay until sunset and have dinner at a rooftop terrace in town. The light during this time is incredible.


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