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NFT Project by Farma of Rhodes

Farma of Rhodes is the first nationwide company to launch its own NFTs. NFTS (non-fungible tokens) are tokens on the blockchain and represent the ownership of unique objects.


Farma of Rhodes launches its first collection of NFTs, entitled “Kevin Ostrich Club” based on the beloved ostriches of Farma of Rhodes.


NFTs can be “minted” from the official page of the Collection here: Each NFT has a value of 100 MATIC, and the maximum number of NFTs that someone is entitled to mint  is 5 in number.


Farma of Rhodes NFTs aren’t just collectibles. Every NFT minted is equivalent to a gift.


  1. “Free Admission Forever”: NFT with the trait “Free Entrance”, the NFT holder will have free entry to the Farma of Rhodes, forever! If the NFT is sold to another, then the new holder will also be entitled to the free entry, since he owns the NFT.
  2. “Free Food Forever”: NFT with the trait “Corn” the NFT holder will have five free food cups for feeding the animals each time they visit the Rhodes Farm. And here if he passes it on to someone else, then the new owner will be able to enjoy the privileges that come with the NFT.
  3. “Tree planting”: If the NFT has a tree background, then for every NFT minted against this background, we will plant a tree in the burned area.


The  NFT collection “Kevin Ostrich Club” of Farma of Rhodes, is the first in the relevant Road Map of the Farm, and in the future other actions will follow.


To mint your own NFT and have a chance for free entry forever to Rhodes Farm click here:


The design and implementation of the project was carried out by Dingo Phygital Agency.


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