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Black Swans

of Australia


Meet Platon and Pandora

Platon and Pandora are our gorgeous black swans and the most loved couple you will ever see.

They chose Farma to be their home and live the rest of their life here, happy and in love!

Take a Selfie with the Black Swans

More about
Black Swans

Black swans are mostly black-feathered birds, with white flight feathers. The bill is bright red, with a pale bar and tip; and legs and feet are greyish black. Males are slightly larger than females, with a extended and straighter bill. Immature birds are a grayish brown with pale-edged feathers.

Mature black swans are between 110 and 142 cm long and weigh 3.7–9 kg. Their wingspan is between 1.6 and 2 meters. The neck is long and curved in an “S”-shape.

The swan utters a musical and far-reaching bugle-like sound, called either on the water or while flying, yet as a spread of softer crooning notes. It can even whistle, especially when disturbed while breeding and nesting.

Black swans are almost herbivorous although there is a variation on their diet during different seasons. Like other swans, they are monogamous and pair for life. They build or steal nests and lay eggs which are greenish-whit and take about 35-40 days to hatch.

Origin: Black swans come mostly from the southern part of Australia

Characteristics: Are black feathered birds with white flight feathers and red beak. They have long neck which is curved in an “S” shape

Diet: Are mostly herbivores with seasonal variations

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