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Egg Challenge

The farma of Rhodes has decided to begin a challenge for you!

This challenge is about having an individual consume an entire ostrich egg served with grilled vegetables, toasted whole wheat bread, olive paste, local pita and French fries. More specifically, If you manage to eat everything by yourself, you have the advantage of not paying for the plate, but If you don’t manage to finish the plate, you will need to pay the regular price, which is 75 euros. What do you think? Can you do it alone?
How you can do it

You can see the steps below that you need to follow If you want to try this challenge!

Visit our farma restaurant.

Find a restaurant manager and tell them that you want to try this challenge.

Follow our page on Instagram.

Take a photo of the plate before eating it.

Post it in your story.

Tag our page on Instagram ( put @ and the name of our page farmarhodes).

Put the location (Farma of Rhodes Petting Zoo) and write on your story #eggchallenge

Start eating the egg

Someone from the managers will be watching you.

If you manage it, you leave without paying, otherwise you will have to pay the value of the plate!

Good luck and eggspect the uneggspected!

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